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I’ve been collecting links to free resources for artists, teachers, educators, and anyone else who wants to learn more. If you have suggestions on what else to add please message me.


“What makes you think you’re qualified to write this book?” My coworker dropped that question in my lap as I was filling up my coffee cup. I stuttered a few vowels and became silent. What had started as a casual conversation about the weekend made an odd turn. I’ve been working on co-writing a book…

What I do when my professional life falls apart.

On the next to last day of my contract, I went to a routine meeting with my new boss. I set it up and it was to discuss what I had done over the summer and where I was taking the program in the fall. The moment I walked into the room I could tell…

Welcome to Advance Your Art

ALL ARTISTS ARE ENTREPRENEURS. ALL ENTREPRENEURS ARE ARTISTS. -SETH GODIN Welcome to Advance Your Art, the podcast that will help you go from artist to creative entrepreneur hosted by Yuri Cataldo Having an idea is great, but how you take an idea and turn it into a business? This can be incredibly daunting, especially if…