AYA 001 Jesse Wilson – How to use the obstacle in our lives to tell a greater story.

Jesse Wilson


From its origins in working with inmates, Juilliard Theater Graduate and TEDx Speaker Jesse Wilson has created a life-changing program designed to help you Connect, Communicate, and Lead with your greatest source of power through the tools and strategies of the theater.

No matter what change you are seeking to make in your life, no matter your profession, the simple, transformational teachings of “Lessons From The Stage” will awaken you to your true Power, Purpose, and Passion.

It’s time to not just tell but LIVE your greater story… and share it with the world!


Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, empowerment trainer and coach, author, performer, and teacher, Jesse Wilson began acting at a very early age and hasn’t stopped acting since. Now he’s living his greatest role– helping people discover the confidence in their “voices” by using the obstacles in their own lives through the power of the theater.

For years after graduating from The Juilliard School in New York City, it has been his personal mission to share the invaluable and universally impactful lessons from the stage in order for people to reach their maximum potential in both businesses and in life. Jesse Wilson considers all the work he does as one lesson: How to use the obstacle in our lives to tell a greater story.

In early 2014, Jesse published “Faces On My Wall,” a novel to help transmit the idea that The Obstacle Is The Opportunity, and to raise personal awareness for those on the path of not only performance art but the bridge to living a successful and authentic life. Seen through the eyes of a teenager named Jamey Fuller who struggles to maintain the integrity of his “voice” while being an actor in New York, “Faces on My Wall” is about facing one’s own fears and insecurities, as well as the realities of life, and ultimately about facing and celebrating ourselves as we really are.

Through “Lessons From The Stage,” with over 20 years in the entertainment industry, Jesse Wilson empowers everyone to discover the wondrous world of possibilities that lie within each of us. Rather than focusing on some distant external desire, we are guided by our own “inside voices” to look within and discover our true gifts. The secret to becoming a great performer… on stage, in business, and in life? The Obstacle Is the Opportunity.

And it’s an inside job.




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