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AYA 045 – Always Be Your Authentic Self with Laura Powers

Laura Powers


Laura Powers is an author, writer, actress, singer, model, host, and celebrity psychic. Laura is the author of 6 books and is working on her 7th, 8th and 9th books. She also hosts several podcasts on the arts and creative industries including Design By (a podcast for designers), Write Hot (a podcast for writers, Behind the Scenes (a podcast for the entertainment industry), Behind the Music (a podcast for the music business), Healing Powers (on health and wellness) and Powers Hour (on business, tech, and lifestyle design). She studied theater for her bachelor’s degree and political science for her master’s degree. After working for years in politics and public administration, Laura shifted her focus to the intuitive and creative realms. Laura is a jet setter and currently travels all over the country and internationally to cover events and festivals, see clients, and to work on creative projects. When she is not writing or traveling, you may find her exploring the unknown. You can learn more about Laura at her websites for her psychic and wellness work, for her empowerment work, and for her acting, singing, hosting and creative work.


Angels: How to Understand, Recognize, and Receive Their Assistance by Laura Powers

Supernatural Survival Guide by Laura Powers

Diary of a Ghost Whisperer by Laura Powers

Angels and Manifesting: A Guide to Changing Your Life in Magical Ways by Laura Powers

Diary of a Psychic by Laura Powers


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