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Ep163 Lynna Redhawk – Creativity Coach, Speaker and Intuitive Guide

Lynna Redhawk


Lynna Redhawk is an author, keynote speaker, corporate consultant and artist. She teaches a philosophy called Vagare, which means “to wander” in Italian.

Lynna believes in the power of process art and its ability to unlock out-of-the-box innovation, flashes of brilliance and moments of genius. With an energetic and dynamic speaking style, Lynna will inspire your audience to embrace The Vagare Principles and develop a greater capacity for creative problem-solving.

Creative problem-solving is achieved through a combination of left and right brain use. Wandering, meditating, drawing, painting, and non-dominant handwriting all engage the right-brain, which tends to be a silent partner in a left-brain, language-dominant society.

Substantiated by neuroscience and human experience, the message of Vagare is relevant to meeting the constant demands of iterative innovation in a linear, left-brain culture. Vagare serves to nourish the underused right brain and increase its ability to partner with the left brain and bring depth, vibrancy, and creativity to all areas of life.



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