AYA 015 Mike Veny – Mental Health Speaker and Drummer


My guest this week is mental health speaker and high-energy drum circle facilitator Mike Veny (@MikeVeny).

Mike and I spend a lot of time speaking on this episode about how he runs his business, (hint: he thinks like McDonald’s) as well as the importance of good mental health, and how he overcame his own challenges and turned them into a business. Even if you are struggling with depression or anxiety, there are many takeaways and recommendations in this episode that can benefit your life.


Mike Veny is America’s leading mental health speaker and a high-energy drum circle facilitator. He delivers educational, engaging, and entertaining presentations to meetings and conferences throughout the world. He is fiercely committed to wellness, suicide prevention, and helping people work together more smoothly. If you are looking for a proven speaker who can address the stigma surrounding mental health and deliver a corporate drumming event, then you have come to the right place. His perspectives have been featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS news. He’s a regular guest on The Fresh Outlook TV news show, a writer for Corporate Wellness Magazine and HealthCentral.com. Mental Illness is An Asset, his compelling TEDx talk, has been used in college classrooms and gotten sensational reviews.


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