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Ep129 Monique Mitchell – Writing In A Way That Touches Others


Monique Mitchell was born on the 14th of December, 1991 within a middle-class family on the small Island of Jamaica. She attended the Airy Castle Primary school then off to Morant Bay High where she has gained her high school diploma. She then continued her education at a few colleges and then continued, where she hopes to gain her bachelor’s in the field of Social Work. Monique has been a writer all her life, her expressive being evolves mostly between pen and paper as words. Even though this is her first published work, she has written many poetic and narrative pieces. She is a great motivational speaker and an ideal caregiver, her passion lies way above just being a Social Worker. She writes with the objective that her work will inspire, impact, motivate or help someone in whatever area of life they find themselves.


The Skeletons of Samantha?s Closet: Are they sweet Sex Unto Man or Sweet Savour unto God


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