Ep 72 – Susanne Buckler, Multimedia Artist and Founder of Talk to Me

Susanne Buckler began her art career as a sculptor but she soon found the immediacy of photography. For 25 years her photography studio, Foto Imagerie, was a major contributor in the world of jewelry, lifestyle, interiors, and food with clients including Saatchi, Unilever, Food & Wine magazine, and Avon. Her latest project, Talk to Me,…

AYA036 – 3 Things I Learned From David Choe

Last August I attended a conference where the artist David Choe was brought in as a mystery guest. As one of the richest living artists in the world he was there to talk about how he spends his money but once he started answering questions the conversation took a much different direction. This podcast episode…

AYA024 How to Build an Artist Community with Beth Inglish

In today’s episode, I chat with the Nashville-based artist Beth Inglish. From an early age she knew she wanted to be a scuba diver. After graduating with her BA in marketing from UT-Austin she packed her bags and moved from Austin, TX to the US Virgin Islands to be a scuba instructor. After a few…

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