Ep94 Catherine Meyers – Opera Singer turned Software Engineer

Catherine Meyers is an Opera Singer turned Software Engineer who currently builds cool stuff with Ruby on Rails and React at Mavenlink, a professional services platform focused on resource planning and project management. Previously, she worked at Red Antler, a branding agency in Brooklyn, where she built and maintained fully responsive websites for a varied and diverse clientele. Catherine is a graduate of The Flatiron School Web Development Immersive Program.

In 2017, Catherine co-founded Women Level Up, a monthly meetup aimed at empowering female developers through education, networking, and mentorship. She has also spoken at numerous conferences, including RubyConf, RubyHack, and ForwardJS. She is currently a co-host for the podcast Ruby Rogues.

Women Level Up: http://womenlevelup.com/

Ruby Rogues podcast: https://devchat.tv/ruby-rogues

Talk on the parallels between music and code: https://youtu.be/n1U1rcThnzw

Twitter: @ccmeyers324

Website: http://catherinecodes.com/


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