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AYA035 How To Get Over Your Irrational Relationship With Money with Alexis Fedor

By Yuri Cataldo | Mar 3, 2017 |

Alexis Fedor is an artist, dancer, writer, actor, and business developer. She has had a diverse career that has allowed her to work as a dancer, actress, and choreographer as well as built a successful strategic consulting company which allowed her to fund her performance art. She is especially focused on helping artists improve their…

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AYA034 When You’re Vulnerable You Become Relatable with Samantha Geballe

By Yuri Cataldo | Feb 23, 2017 |

Samantha Geballe is a passionate artist who believes that everyone needs to use their voice in one way or another. She discovered her voice through the lens of a disposable camera while living in LA taking photographs of street art and hasn’t looked back. In our conversation, we cover how she got into photography, the…

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AYA033 Catherine Orer – Why Artists Shouldn’t Hide From Money.

By Yuri Cataldo | Feb 16, 2017 |

Catherine Orer is a business and PR strategist for artists and creative entrepreneurs, the founder of the artist-entrepreneur, and the leader of the artist-entrepreneur network. At 26 she was climbing the corporate ladder, making a great living, and living it up in Canada. Even with making more money than she could spend, she wasn’t happy.…

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AYA032 Nicole Young- Be Yourself And Authentic, Your Photos Will Be Much Better.

By Yuri Cataldo | Feb 9, 2017 |

Nicole Young has a very interesting journey. She discovered her love of photography in high school then for practical reason joined the Navy as a linguist. Throughout her Navy career, she kept taking photos and eventually decided to leave and go full time as a stock photographer. Her career has gone from stock photography to…

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AYA031 – What’s Your Why with Brooke Shaden

By Yuri Cataldo | Feb 2, 2017 |

Brooke Shaden is a prolific artist, photographer, writer, and speaker. In addition to her work, she also runs a charity in India that helps the victims of sex trafficking make money from photography. We cover a lot of topics in our conversation and Brooke gives great advice to anyone just starting out. MEET BROOKE: Brooke…

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AYA030 Stefanie Jasmine – Real Estate can help your Music career

By Yuri Cataldo | Jan 26, 2017 |

Stefanie Jasmine is not your typical country music singer. She has a background as a mortgage broker and currently runs a real estate investment company. This is a different approach from what most musicians take but it’s one that has given her freedom to make artistic choices that are not based on money. Our interview…

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AYA029 Your uniqueness is your real asset with Michelle Dyer

By Yuri Cataldo | Jan 12, 2017 |

Michelle Dyer wants everyone to think in multiple sources of income. Being a freelancer can be very hard. It’s not like a 9 – 5 where you can have a clear career path and most educational institutions don’t cover the “how to freelance” part of the art training. In a world where you bounce from…

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AYA028 What I do when my professional life falls apart.

By Yuri Cataldo | Jan 6, 2017 |

Life can be difficult. No matter who you are at some point you will fail. If you’re like me sometimes you fail many times and have to start over. Today’s podcast is a mini episode of the blog post I wrote a few weeks ago about how I deal with failure and starting over. In…

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AYA027 There are rules to life but you get to make up what they are with Brad Hart

By Yuri Cataldo | Dec 16, 2016 |

Brad Hart has a singular focus in his life, to make the lives of everyone he touches better. It’s not just something he says either he truly lives it. In today’s episode, I speak with Brad about his thoughts on Abundance, Networking, Finance, and how to live a more fulfilling life. If you’re feeling stuck…

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AYA026 Creating a Music Ensemble from scratch with Celine Thackston

By Yuri Cataldo | Dec 9, 2016 |

Celine Thackston is a self-described hybrid. A musician and art advocate that focuses on grant writing. For the modern musician, this ability to do both is not only a benefit but often required. In today’s episode Celine talks about her music journey and how she was able to carve out her own career as a…

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