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Ep 158 – Rob Battle – The Journey From The Navy to Becoming a Novelist

By Yuri Cataldo | Jan 16, 2020 |
Rob Battle

MEET ROB BATTLERob Battle is an American storyteller and novelist. Battle was born and raised in Hephzibah, Georgia. He had always shown an interest in writing short stories, songs, and poems. Due to Battle’s poor reading skills in school, his teachers did not encourage him to pursue that path. Serving 20 years in the US…

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EP157 – Thomas Neel – Live An Artful Life: The Art of Living Artfully

By Yuri Cataldo | Dec 26, 2019 |
Thomas Neel

MEET THOMAS NEEL After a decade in the specialty automotive industry, THOMAS NEEL undertook a major life-change and became a fine art painter. Live An Artful Life spans Neel’s 30-plus years of experience as an accomplished artist with over 40 one-man shows to his credit. Having been a gallery owner, involved in fine art publishing,…

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Ep156 Kelly Ann Collins – Marketing Strategist and CEO, Vult Lab

By Yuri Cataldo | Dec 16, 2019 |

MEET KELLY ANN COLLINS Kelly Ann Collins is a marketing expert and a former journalist with a passion for social media who is currently the CEO of Vult Lab. The company works with innovators, social change agents, and tech companies to bring their best ideas to the world. As a journalist, she worked for several…

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Katherine Moller – Award winning fiddler| MusicNB Awards Female Recording Artist of the Year

By Yuri Cataldo | Dec 8, 2019 |
Katherine Moller

MEET KATHERINE MOLLER Katherine Moller’s music combines the rugged Highlands of Scotland, the lush greens of Ireland, and the majesty of the St. John River Valley. Performing classical, baroque, and fiddle, Katherine merges these influences in original Celtic compositions. She is an active educator, running a private violin/fiddle studio at the Charlotte St. Arts Centre as well…

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Sarah Wilson – How to Run A Book Launch

By Yuri Cataldo | Nov 29, 2019 |
Sarah Wilson - Pop Communications

MEET SARAH WILSON Sarah Wilson is the founder of PoP! Communications, a firm that excels at book launch management, public relations, and influencer marketing. PoP! Communications designs & executes highly customized platform development and cross-channel influencer marketing & public relations campaigns on behalf of authors, executives, brands & agencies PoP! provides book launch management, public…

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Warren Whitlock – My House Can Burn Down and It’s A New Story To Tell

By Yuri Cataldo | Nov 19, 2019 |

MEET WARREN WHITLOCK Warren Whitlock is a digital business development strategist. In 2008, he wrote the first book about Twitter and Mobile Marketing, and the best selling “Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games.” He is the host of Social Media Radio and speaks frequently about social media marketing, online publicity and marketing, social…

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Ep152 Brianna Rooney – the Millionaire Recruiter

By Yuri Cataldo | Nov 7, 2019 |
Brianna Rooney

Brianna Rooney, (AKA the Millionaire Recruiter) is 34 years old, owns Techees, has three houses, a top 100 restaurant, an amazing Chef of a husband and two little kids. Diego Danger (yes that’s his real middle name) 5 years old, and a sweet little 2-year-old girl, Lima Ariel. Her very successful recruiting firm is…

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Ep151 John Faisandier – speaker, author,counselor, and entrepreneur

By Yuri Cataldo | Nov 1, 2019 |
John Faisandier

Meet John Faisandier John Faisandier has worked as a teacher, pastoral assistant, university chaplain, counselor, Race Relations mediator, Life Skills tutor, psychodramatist and trainer of counselors in a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility. For the past 14 years he has run his own business TUF: Thriving Under Fire, a training company that assists people…

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Ep150 Casey Herd – From Principal Ballet Dancer to Founder of Ballet Rising

By Yuri Cataldo | Oct 25, 2019 |
Casey Herd

MEET CASEY HERD Casey Herd was born in Salt Lake City, USA where he began his ballet training at The School for Ballet West. After graduating from The Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C. he began his professional career with American Ballet Theatre in New York City. He later joined Pacific Northwest Ballet in…

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Ep149 TATIANA MOROZ – American folk singer-songwriter, freedom activist, entrepreneur, and creator of Tatiana Coin

By Yuri Cataldo | Oct 17, 2019 |

tatiana-hires MEET TATIANA MOROZ TATIANA MOROZ is a soulful and outspoken singer-songwriter and the premier artist in the Bitcoin and Liberty activist communities. Following the release of several independently produced LPs, EPs, and singles, Tatiana’s album Keep The Faith was released in 2017 having been funded with cryptocurrency. Her music is a fresh take on…

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