Ep119 Marvin Wilson – From Rock-n-Roll to Entrepreneur

Marvin Wilson


I’m 69 years old and a lifelong entrepreneur. I was a traveling R&R musician during the Hippie Era of the 60s and 70s, and I owned a home improvement company during the 80s and 90s.

At the turn of the century, I engaged in several MLMs. I became a public speaker, developed my leadership skills and did a lot of success and personal development coaching. In my mid-50s I began writing. I’m now a multi-published author and a professional editor.

I’ve had successes and failures during my life, and have learned much from both. I recently started a new venture which is, I believe, a winner. It’s a unique idea. The publishing industry is dominated by Big Pub houses. Little-known, but worthy talents are often overlooked, unless somehow “connected”. I’ve put up a website that promotes such talents, and gives The People the ability to choose who gets promoted, gains notoriety and success—Publishing 4 the People!




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About the author, Yuri

Yuri Cataldo is a classically trained set/costume designer, an award-winning entrepreneur and a graduate of Yale, Juilliard, and Indiana University.

He is a mentor and Judge at MassChallenge, has lectured at Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts, Notre Dame, Tufts, Emerson College, Indiana University, Ohio State, and at numerous conferences about the intersections of art & entrepreneurship, innovation, and how to move past failure.

He has worked on Broadway, in Film, Dance, Theatre, and Opera. In 2011, he founded & bootstrapped IndigoH2O bottled alkaline mineral water, which has won multiple international awards and was named the 2015 best tasting water in the world.

As the principle of Art Tech Media Group, he helps companies and creatives launch projects, products, and get a ton of press for free.

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