AYA029 Your uniqueness is your real asset with Michelle Dyer

Michelle Dyer wants everyone to think in multiple sources of income. Being a freelancer can be very hard. It’s not like a 9 – 5 where you can have a clear career path and most educational institutions don’t cover the “how to freelance” part of the art training. In a world where you bounce from job to job having multiple sources of income can make a huge difference in how you approach projects. When you’re not as worried about one gig paying all of your bills you have the freedom to take jobs that are more important to you and not just because you need the money. Michelle knows this first hand and from her own experience in the arts created a resource to help actors get side jobs that allow them to continue to act and work on their craft.



In 2002 Michelle Dyer got on a plane to NYC with two suitcases and never looked back. Her eclectic background of performance, White House Intern, and now a full-time businesswoman has made her a natural candidate to inspire others to have a “side hustle” to be smart, pay the bills, and save money while going after their dreams. She created Survival Jobs for Actors when she had just arrived back into town after a gig, and didn’t want to go right back out on the road. After asking around for temp agency recommendations, she thought – there must be a better way [to find a survival job] – and thus Survival Jobs for Actors was born

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