AYA034 When You’re Vulnerable You Become Relatable with Samantha Geballe

Samantha Geballe is a passionate artist who believes that everyone needs to use their voice in one way or another. She discovered her voice through the lens of a disposable camera while living in LA taking photographs of street art and hasn’t looked back. In our conversation, we cover how she got into photography, the evolution of her art, how she started getting into galleries, and what project she is excited about now.



Samantha Geballe, a California native, was born and raised in a small town just outside of San Francisco. Art is an interest of her family’s but that is not what propelled Samantha to create. Her ability to express herself through creative form is in her nature and she has been producing art in many different mediums since early childhood.

Currently, Samantha’s work focuses on conceptual portraiture, allowing her to explore human emotion from the inside out. She is working on an ongoing self-portrait series focused on body image and healing that challenges viewers to question what it means to accept oneself.

Samantha is based in Los Angeles, CA.


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