Ep86 Shannon Kendall – From Actresses to Application Developer

Shannon Kendall


Shannon spent 7 years as an actor in New York City before waking up one morning in April 2017 and deciding to do something completely different with her life. In less than a year, she taught herself to write code, attended a top dev Bootcamp in NYC, and started working as an Application Developer at Lifion by ADP. She also just recently finished reading the Harry Potter series for the first time in her life and has aspirations to one day own a soda stream. You can follow her musings about tech, reposts of memes, and pictures of her two rescue cats on Twitter and Instagram.

Shannon Kendall

Shannon Kendall





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About the author, Yuri

Yuri Cataldo is a classically trained set/costume designer, an award-winning entrepreneur and a graduate of Yale, Juilliard, and Indiana University.

He is a mentor and Judge at MassChallenge, has lectured at Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts, Notre Dame, Tufts, Emerson College, Indiana University, Ohio State, and at numerous conferences about the intersections of art & entrepreneurship, innovation, and how to move past failure.

As the principle of Art Tech Media Group, he helps companies and creatives launch projects, products, and get a ton of press.

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