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Ep95 Julia Torgovitskaya Rapoport – Opera Singer, President of iCadenza, & CEO of Cadenza Artists Management

Julia Torgovitskaya Rapoport, President of iCadenza & CEO of Cadenza Artists, is a trained opera singer and relates first-hand to the journey that performing artists undertake on their quest to success. She has extensive consulting experience with both arts organizations and individuals with particular expertise in guiding projects from concept to impactful launch, motivation, empowerment,…

Ep86 Shannon Kendall – From Actresses to Application Developer

MEET SHANNON KENDALL Shannon spent 7 years as an actor in New York City before waking up one morning in April 2017 and deciding to do something completely different with her life. In less than a year, she taught herself to write code, attended a top dev Bootcamp in NYC, and started working as an…

Ep 73 – Michael Nova, Creative Artist and Entrepreneur

Recently featured on, Michael Nova has developed a proven track record of overseeing multiple businesses & creative projects simultaneously, both as a creative artist and entrepreneur. As president of Nova Music Productions, Inc., Michael was featured in The New York Times as a pioneer in offering multiple services to independent artists in the music…

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