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Ep91 Jennie Legary- Opera Singer, Cryptocurrency Company CMO, and Artistpreneur

MEET JENNIE LEGARY Artistpreneur: design, branding, & marketing consultant with a diverse background in classical music, real estate, finance, media, and startup business development. Opera singer, co-founder, and cryptocurrency/tech enthusiast. Currently, as Chief Marketing Officer of imusify, she is assisting the startup venture in running their upcoming ICO campaign. Experienced in the roles of business…

Ep83 Margo Aaron – Founder of the First Virtual Co-working Space for Solopreneurs

Margo Aaron began her career in academia as a psychological researcher for a prestigious mental health clinic where she discovered how difficult it is to get people to take action. Determined to get to the bottom of this problem, she went to graduate school at Columbia University. After earning her Masters in Psychology, she accidentally…

Ep80 Jade Leone Blackwater – Small Business Consultant, Artist, and Co-founder of Running Wild Press

Jade Leone Blackwater is a small business consultant based in the Pacific Northwest. Her purpose is to dig deep, get inspired, and bring back something awesome. Jade works side by side with business and product owners to whip operations, brands, marketing, and content into shape. She champions cross-team collaboration, strategic design thinking, and customer-focused innovation.…

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