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Ep132 Jillian Godsil – Blockchain Advocate, Broadcaster, and Writer

MEET JILLIAN GODSIL Blockchain Advocate, Founder, Conference Chair, Women in Blockchain Advocate, Keynote Speaker, Crypto Journalist, Broadcaster, CEO, Writer, Homelessness Advocate, Former European Parliament Candidate, Law Changer, Mother, Choir Member, Hill Walker, Dreamer Jillian has held senior positions with global PR companies in Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin. She was PRO of Iona Technologies (Ireland’s…

Ep121- BONUS: Andrew Yang – Democratic Candidate for 2020

This a recent episode of THE COIN CHAT, the 2nd podcast I work on. My co-host and I interview Andrew about technology, blockchain, and universal basic income. MEET ANDREW YANG: Andrew Yang is an American entrepreneur, the founder of Venture for America, and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. He has worked in startups and early-stage…

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