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Ep137 Suzie Gruber – How To Get Unstuck From Childhood Survival Strategies

Suzie Gruber is a scientist turned personal development coach. She helps professionals get unstuck by helping them uncover lingering survival strategies from childhood that may be interfering with their success. Clients learn & unravel what’s driving their challenging patterns & self-critical mindset rather than adding yet another strategy to manage them. Through this new sense…

Ep112 Sara Adams Centeno – Leadership Professor, Writer, and Speaker

MEET SARA ADAMS CENTENO Sara Adams Centeno is a higher education leader, author, and speaker who loves to empower people to reach their full human potential. She currently teaches Doctoral Colloquium, Educational Techniques, Professional Communication and Consulting, and Principles of Contemporary Leadership at Andrews University in Michigan. In 2016, Sara authored Success The Ultimate Guide to…

E64 If They Aren’t Paying Your Bill’s They Are Not Worth Your Time with Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond

ABOUT Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond is a Mad Scientist, Mixed Media artist and Creative Mentor based in West Yorkshire, UK. She is the terrified creative’s secret weapon. Helping you to transform fear and overwhelm into tangible art that you love, what’s more; healing your mind, body and soul to boot! Together we will tackle the…

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