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Ep79 Kopus Mellni – Author, Filmmaker, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, and Self-described Modern day Shaman

kopus mellini

Meet Kopus Mellni Kopus Mellni is an author, rapper, filmmaker, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and modern day shaman. He currently practices his shaman work by helping people bridge the gap between their real and online lives, on the podcast “The Dot”. For all things Kopus Mellini visit CONTACT: ————————————————————————————————– I WROTE A BOOK! This summer…

E66 – Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Podcast Introduction


This is a sneak peek at a new cryptocurrency podcast call The Coin Chat that will be officially launching in a few weeks by my good friend Steve Good. I have been working behind the scenes on the podcast and another project he is working on called We are recording the first episodes right…

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