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Ep113 Julie Whitehead – What It’s Like to Be a Writer With Bipolar Disorder

Julie Whitehead

MEET JULIE: Julie Whitehead lives and writes in Brandon, MS. Her fiction has been published by China Grove Press, The New Southerner, and Running Wild Press. Her nonfiction can be seen at Conclave Journal, Defying, and The New Southerner, and her poetry has appeared in The Gordian Review, Jabberwock, and Cobalt Review. Her play,…

Ep110 Jason Zeitler – What No One Tells You About Being A Writer

Jason Zeitler

MEET JASON ZEITLER: Jason Zeitler is the author of the novella Like Flesh to the Scalpel. His short stories and narrative essays have appeared in Midwestern Gothic and in other print and online magazines. He lives in Tucson with his wife and son. CONTACT: Jason Zeitler Amazon SUPPORT THE PODCAST! Click on this link and…

Ep89 Alex Haslam – Artist, Television Enthusiast, and Freelance Writer

Alex Haslam

MEET ALEX HASLAM: Alex Haslam is a television enthusiast and streaming expert at, a site dedicated to helping fellow TV watchers find streaming solutions and cable alternatives. She is also a writer, both freelance and in support of her work with She specializes in topics like consumer technology, television, and cord cutting. You…

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