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Ep89 Alex Haslam – Artist, Television Enthusiast, and Freelance Writer

MEET ALEX HASLAM: Alex Haslam is a television enthusiast and streaming expert at, a site dedicated to helping fellow TV watchers find streaming solutions and cable alternatives. She is also a writer, both freelance and in support of her work with She specializes in topics like consumer technology, television, and cord cutting. You…

Ep85 Alyse McConnell- Speaker, Executive Coach, and Strategy Consultant

Alyse McConnell guides business leaders to become stronger communicators, better collaborators, and more inspiring leaders. Her passion is to help people find ways to overcome the roadblocks that limit their top performance and daily joy. She believes that businesses, not governments, will champion the big important efforts to improve quality of life for all people.…

Ep83 Margo Aaron – Founder of the First Virtual Co-working Space for Solopreneurs

Margo Aaron began her career in academia as a psychological researcher for a prestigious mental health clinic where she discovered how difficult it is to get people to take action. Determined to get to the bottom of this problem, she went to graduate school at Columbia University. After earning her Masters in Psychology, she accidentally…

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