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Ep127 Sarah Jennings – A Maker of All The Things.

Sarah Jennings

MEET SARAH JENNINGS: Hi! I’m Sarah Jennings! I’m a maker of things including but not limited to prototypes, websites, children, baked goods, graphics, collateral, puppets, hackathons, props/costumes etc. I have been in the tech (mostly ad tech) industry for over 10 years and had many creative roles, some official ones and some were creative because…

AYA023 Glass Art and the Maker Field with Gary Genetti

For 40 years Gary Genetti has been creating art with glass. Much of his education came through trial and error but through that he has developed a style that has gotten his work featured around the world in galleries, museums, and part of a collection at the Smithsonian Amerian Art Museum. As the glass art…

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