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AYA027 There are rules to life but you get to make up what they are with Brad Hart

Brad Hart has a singular focus in his life, to make the lives of everyone he touches better. It’s not just something he says either he truly lives it. In today’s episode, I speak with Brad about his thoughts on Abundance, Networking, Finance, and how to live a more fulfilling life. If you’re feeling stuck…

AYA 013 Isabelle Rizo -Turning Lifestyle Design To Art

YOU ARE ONLY AS INTERESTING AS THE STORIES YOU TELL. Are you clear on your purpose? Your big WHY? Your brand? If not, you need Isabelle Rizo Isabelle Rizo is a singularity storytelling, consultant, and speaker who has been featured on Entrepreneur, LifeHack, and UnCollege. She brings together technology, digital media, and storytelling for brands…

AYA 008 Sydney Skybetter – technologist, choreographer, and writer

If you’re a dancer and wondering how you can successfully transfer your dance skills to other areas or an artist wondering how you can get involved in technology Syndey is the person you need to listen to. MEET SYDNEY: Sydney Skybetter is a technologist, choreographer, and writer. His dances are regularly performed around the country,…

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