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Ep127 Sarah Jennings – A Maker of All The Things.

MEET SARAH JENNINGS: Hi! I’m Sarah Jennings! I’m a maker of things including but not limited to prototypes, websites, children, baked goods, graphics, collateral, puppets, hackathons, props/costumes etc. I have been in the tech (mostly ad tech) industry for over 10 years and had many creative roles, some official ones and some were creative because…

AYA 017 How To Bootstrap A Museum With Sam Aquillano

“My advice to any entrepreneur is to get a co-founder and open up to your friends and family about what you’re about to do.” – Sam Aquillano What does it take to launch a museum from scratch? If you’re like me you believe that you need to find a cool building in a great location…

AYA 003 Bob Reynolds – melody architect

It’s a rare saxophonist who’s as comfortable in an arena full of rock fans as in an intimate jazz club. Bob Reynolds is a rare saxophonist. Reynolds spent years touring the world in John Mayer’s band, winning new fans with his solos on crowd favorites like “Vultures,” “Wheel,” “Gravity” and “Covered in Rain.” Watch his…

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