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AYA040 – Economics And Investing Made Easy with Economist Andrei Polgar

Andrei Polgar

Andrei Polgar has a large set of skills. He is an economist, writer, and entrepreneur who has experience trading in exotic assets. He uses his unique perspective to create educational youtube video’s called One Minute Economics. This is a very interesting conversation where we dig deep into his background and how he approaches investing in cryptocurrencies and domain names and how he breaks down complex economic ideas into bite size chunks.


Andrei Polgar derives joy and fulfillment from teaching. On his channel, he teaches his viewers economics through one-minute animations. Through his Wealth Management 2.0 book, he teaches those who make money online how to be smart with their finances and through his blogging activities, he shares his experience as a serial entrepreneur and exotic asset investor.


Wealth Management 2.0: Financial Education for Internet Professionals



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