Ep135 Betty Bolte – Award-winning ,Best-selling fiction author – From NASA to Historical Romance

Betty Bolte


My career after high school began first with retail sales until a government clerk position opened up. Then I worked as a clerk for several years before becoming a secretary for corporate America. All those jobs involved words one way or another. Then I quit my job at IBM and started my own freelance word processing business in 1988. While typing manuscripts in Virginia, I would “clean them up” – editing the prose to flow more smoothly, a service my clients loved. Interestingly, my first client had me format (and edit) his thesis on rocket fuel.

In 1994, I and my husband contributed chapters to books on using dBase V software for Macmillan Publishing. Now, he’s a computer software guy, but I am not. Yet I helped write chapters that essentially translated the technical phrasing into everyday language. Something I’m known for. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1995, I began freelance editing while also writing fiction—stories that will never be read but they were my training ground.

My English degree opened many doors for me. Including working on the 90-Day Report for NASA in 2005, which explored the options for taking U.S. astronauts back into space. I went back to school to earn my Master of Arts in English in 2008 while working for NASA’s Constellation Program which morphed into the current Space Launch System (SLS) Program Office at Huntsville, Alabama. My role as technical writer/editor included working on everything from notes of high-level meetings, performance reports, technical specifications and guidance system documentation, to editing PowerPoint presentations, technical proposals, public relations videos, and a host of other forms of documentation.

I’ve edited nonfiction, self-help, and technical documentation for individuals, corporations, and insurance companies. I’ve written four nonfiction young adult books for Chelsea House and Mason Crest Publishers. My 2012 Hometown Heroines: True Stories of Bravery, Daring, and Adventure, won a gold medal for best YA fiction from the Children’s Literary Classics organization. In 2014, my first three romance novels were published, followed by eight more through 2018. I have two releases scheduled for fall of 2019, both indie published. My agent is marketing stories about several First Ladies and a WWII story set in Baltimore.






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