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Ep142 Kathleen Gage – From Internet Marketer to Whole-Food, Plant Based Consultant and Speaker

Kathleen Gage


After nearly 25 years in business, cc is doing what most entrepreneurs would never dream of doing; changing her business direction and market in a big way. Creating a level of success many entrepreneurs aspired to achieve, Kathleen discovered a passion that had been percolating under the surface for years; a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

As a marketing and business strategist, Kathleen Gage has made it her mission to teach solo and small business owners how to become visible to their market through the power of clarity of their message and to package their core message into speaking engagements, books, information products and consulting and coaching services.

Hanging her shingle in 1994, Kathleen built her business with the very strategies she teaches. Known for her “no-nonsense, common sense” approach to all she does, Kathleen teaches experts how to determine the best strategies for getting their message out to market.

Applying the very strategies she teaches her clients, Kathleen is rapidly growing her name recognition and position in a new market moving forward in 2019; the whole food, plant-based, vegan market. Kathleen loves shattering the myth that we are too old to go after our dreams.

Having participated in her first full marathon at the age of 61, completing her first sprint triathlon shortly after her 64th birthday, celebrating her 65th birthday with a half marathon, Kathleen is working toward certification through eCornell University with the plant-based nutrition program and writing her next book, Discover the REAL Fountain of Youth; Plant-Based Eating for Health, due for release in summer, 2019. Her book on plant-based eating shows it’s never too late to take control of one’s health.

Although Kathleen is recognized as a top leader in her field, this wasn’t always the case. Kathleen made choices in her teens and early twenties that took her from a comfortable middle-class upbringing to a life of homelessness and being unemployable.

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