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Twyla Dell, Ph.D., holds a degree in environmental studies and is a force to be reckoned with on changing from gasoline to electronic villages. Committed to raising awareness about the damage our gasoline consumption is having on planet Earth, Twyla reveals the truth about gasoline and its heavy dividend from burning it.

Twyla spent her childhood on a farm in Oregon and her high school years on the beaches of central California. She witnessed Mother Earth at work in two very different settings. She realized we are all the agents of environmental change, and each of our individual energy consumption habits creates the global impact and forces we currently see taking place.

If you want to read the true story of fuel change in action, her latest book, Fueling Change: How We Created Climate Change One Fuel at A Time will open your eyes to one city’s fuel history. The cause and effects of energy transitions on a particular population reveal the amazingly swift abandonment of one fuel for another and as a result, the flowering of the city from 0 population in 1820 to 320,000 through fuel changes in 1920.

 This story leads to the realization that we must leave behind the fossil-fuel economy immediately, within the pause that the pandemic from the Covid-19 virus has offered us and leap to the renewable community growing at the edge of the Fossil-Fuel Age in which we still live.

 We must insist on creating a future without gasoline. We are creating new ways to communicate and work together in electronic villages linked by images on screens instead of physical bodies in cars. This visibility creates social stability, appreciation of each others’ strengths, and the foundational underpinnings that allow individuals the means to express themselves in the marketplace. How do we do this? Change our thinking from the obsolete automobile-choked method of traveling to face-to-face encounters to the ease of communicating on screen.


Fueling Change: How We Created Climate Change One Fuel at a Time


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