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Ep209 Christina Flach – Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Pretty Girl Makeup

By Yuri Cataldo | Mar 11, 2021 |
Christina Flach

MEET CHRISTINA FLACH:Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist, Christina Flach, is the creator and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina is available onsite in Marin, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Carmel, and Cabo San Lucas for Weddings, Photoshoots, E-commerce, Make-overs, Film, Video, and TV. Her work is inspired by her love of beauty, fashion, music, and art.…

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Ep208 Chris Hervochon – From Professional Golfer to Founder of Better Way CPA

By Yuri Cataldo | Mar 4, 2021 |
Chris Hervochon

MEET CHRIS HERVOCHON: Chris Hervochon, CPA, CVA is the sole proprietor of his own CPA firm, provides outsourced accounting and tax preparation services primarily for marketing and creative agencies. Before founding his firm, Chris spent ten years working in forensic accounting and corporate accounting and finance. He has been featured in numerous publications, including Journal…

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Ep207 Heather Chauvin – Helping Women Become Leaders At Work and At Home

By Yuri Cataldo | Feb 25, 2021 |
Heather Chauvin

MEET HEATHER CHAUVIN: Heather Chauvin is a leadership coach who helps ambitious, overwhelmed women conquer their fears and become leaders at work and home. Drawing from her professional experience as a social worker and her life experience raising three boys, Heather created a signature approach to help her clients create and enjoy sustainability, profitability, and…

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Ep206 Amy Oughton – Why Healthcare Companies Need to Focus on UX

By Yuri Cataldo | Feb 18, 2021 |
Amy Oughton

MEET AMY OUGHTON: Amy Oughton is the Founder and CEO of UI/UX design and development agency Dream in Color. An award-winning UI/UX designer herself, Amy is passionate about improving user experience in the healthcare and nonprofit sectors. As a type 1 diabetic, she is dedicated to using technology to improve lives. She specializes in humanity-driven…

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Ep205 Joseph Fung – Serial Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of UVARO

By Yuri Cataldo | Feb 11, 2021 |
Joseph Fung

MEET JOSEPH FUNG: Joseph Fung is the CEO of Uvaro, a tech sales career accelerator, and of Kiite, a sales enablement platform purpose-built to provide sales teams with the information they need when they need it. A graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Computer Engineering program, Joseph’s a repeat Founder & CEO, and with multiple…

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Ep204 Tatiana Tsoir – Number Expert, Visionary CPA, and Author

By Yuri Cataldo | Feb 5, 2021 |

MEET TATIANA TSOIR: Tatiana Tsoir [Saw-yer], CPA is a numbers expert with over 15 years of experience helping entrepreneurs and business owners become the boss of their bottom line. So many people dream about being their own boss but hold themselves back because they’re terrified of dealing with money, numbers, and taxes, and Tatiana helps…

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Ep203 Nicki Krawczyk -Founder of Filthy Rich Writer

By Yuri Cataldo | Jan 28, 2021 |
Nicki Krawczyk

MEET NICKI KRAWCZYK: Nicki Krawczyk is a copywriter with 15+ years of experience, writing for multi-billion-dollar companies, solopreneurs, and every size business in between. She also coaches people to become professional copywriters and build thriving careers of their own via her website, www.FilthyRichWriter.com, and her Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. For her, being “filthy rich” means having…

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Ep202 Tali Mandelzweig – Cofounder and COO of MEETFOX.com

By Yuri Cataldo | Jan 24, 2021 |
Tali Mandelzweig

MEET TALI MANDELZWEIG Tali Mandelzweig was born in Israel but moved to Canada at the age of 7. Tali graduated with a Commerce Degree (Honours) majoring in Finance and Human Resources and started her career as an HR manager at an Indo-European startup in India. That is where the fascination with startups began as she…

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Ep201 B. Jeffrey Madoff – From Fashion Designer to Film Producer, Author, and Playwright

By Yuri Cataldo | Jan 17, 2021 |
B. Jeffrey Madoff

MEET B. JEFFREY MADOFF B. Jeffrey Madoff is the founder of Madoff Productions, based in New York City. His company collaborates with ad agencies, public relations firms, and directly with clients to produce commercials, branded content, and live streaming events. Madoff began his career as a fashion designer. He was chosen as one of the…

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Ep200!! JaNae Contag and Ryan Black – The Business of Making Music in 2020

By Yuri Cataldo | Jan 11, 2021 |

MEET JANAE CONTAG JANAE CONTAG JaNae Contag is a Chicago-based artist, musician, photographer, and educator. She received her MFA in Visual Art from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Art at Washington University in St. Louis and her BA from Trinity University in San Antonio. Contag’s practice spans photography, video, music, performance, drawing,…

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