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Ep136 Adam De Collibus – Author, Publisher, and World Traveler

By Yuri Cataldo | May 30, 2019 |

Although born in California, Adam De Collibus is a man of the world. In his early years, he lived in South America and his love of travel has led to him living and traveling in over seventeen countries. Inspired by both historical and actual events during his travels DeCollibus was compelled to write Caravan, his…

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Ep135 Betty Bolte – Award-winning ,Best-selling fiction author – From NASA to Historical Romance

By Yuri Cataldo | May 23, 2019 |
Betty Bolte

MEET BETTY BOLTE My career after high school began first with retail sales until a government clerk position opened up. Then I worked as a clerk for several years before becoming a secretary for corporate America. All those jobs involved words one way or another. Then I quit my job at IBM and started my…

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Ep134 John Vespasian – Writing About Other People’s Successes and Mistakes

By Yuri Cataldo | May 17, 2019 |
John Vespasian

MEET JOHN VESPASIAN JOHN VESPASIAN is the author of ten books about rational living, including “When everything fails, try this” (2009), “Rationality is the way to happiness” (2009), “The philosophy of builders” (2010), “The 10 principles of rational living” (2012), “Rational living, rational working” (2013), “Consistency: The key to permanent stress relief” (2014), “On becoming…

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Ep133 RONAN LEONARD – The Mastermind Guy

By Yuri Cataldo | May 3, 2019 |
Ronan Leonard

MEET RONAN LEONARD Most experts make the mistake of picking just one mode to deliver their expertise through. Accountants make money through accounting. Trainers make money from training. Chef’s cook. You get the picture. The secret to becoming a niche leader and having more revenue is to diversify how you deliver what you do. Ronan…

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Ep132 Jillian Godsil – Blockchain Advocate, Broadcaster, and Writer

By Yuri Cataldo | Apr 25, 2019 |
Jillian Godsil

MEET JILLIAN GODSIL Blockchain Advocate, Founder, Conference Chair, Women in Blockchain Advocate, Keynote Speaker, Crypto Journalist, Broadcaster, CEO, Writer, Homelessness Advocate, Former European Parliament Candidate, Law Changer, Mother, Choir Member, Hill Walker, Dreamer Jillian has held senior positions with global PR companies in Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin. She was PRO of Iona Technologies (Ireland’s…

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Ep131 Sasha Frank – Author, Artist, and Vintage Style Blogger On A Mission To Be A “Voice to the Voiceless.”

By Yuri Cataldo | Apr 19, 2019 |
Sasha Frank

MEET SASHA FRANK: Sahsa Frank on a mission to experience all that God has for her, to be a “voice to the voiceless.” What started out as a dream, is now a vision, and is slowly manifesting into reality. Join her on her journey as she courageously goes after the vision that God has placed…

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Ep130 Laura Gassner Otting – How To Push Past Doubt and Indecision

By Yuri Cataldo | Apr 11, 2019 |
Laura Gassner Otting

MEET LAURA GASSNER OTTING: Laura Gassner Otting inspires people to push past the doubt and indecision that keep great ideas in limbo because her presentations make listeners think bigger and accept greater challenges that reach beyond their limited scope of belief. She delivers strategic thinking, well-honed wisdom, and perspective generated by decades of navigating change…

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Ep129 Monique Mitchell – Writing In A Way That Touches Others

By Yuri Cataldo | Mar 26, 2019 |
Monique Mitchell

MEET MONIQUE MITCHELL: Monique Mitchell was born on the 14th of December, 1991 within a middle-class family on the small Island of Jamaica. She attended the Airy Castle Primary school then off to Morant Bay High where she has gained her high school diploma. She then continued her education at a few colleges and then…

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Ep128 – Paige Fraser – Award Winning Ballet Dancer, Choreographer, and Founder of the Paige Fraser Foundation

By Yuri Cataldo | Mar 14, 2019 |
Paige Fraser

MEET PAIGE FRASER PAIGE FRASER, originally from the Bronx, NY is a young dancer of color who is breaking boundaries and paving her own road. As a child she trained at Ballet Atlantic Academy under the direction of Leslie Otto. She went on to continue training at Professional Performing Arts High School which had a…

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Ep127 Sarah Jennings – A Maker of All The Things.

By Yuri Cataldo | Mar 7, 2019 |
Sarah Jennings

MEET SARAH JENNINGS: Hi! I’m Sarah Jennings! I’m a maker of things including but not limited to prototypes, websites, children, baked goods, graphics, collateral, puppets, hackathons, props/costumes etc. I have been in the tech (mostly ad tech) industry for over 10 years and had many creative roles, some official ones and some were creative because…

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